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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete Dog Food Reviews

Below are actual customer reviews of Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete Dog Food. Click on these Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews to read about why people love Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete Dog Food.

Nutra Complete Dog Food Reviews

Joyce W, on 09-28-2021
Finally food that Princess will eat!

I was able to rescue Princess after I signed up to be a foster parent with a local rescue group. They brought her in a carrier with a bag of dog food. I poured her food in a bowl next to her water. She smelled it and turned away. This went on for two days then I started my search for something she would eat. She didn't like anything I tried. I did find the refrigerated dogfood was something she would eat! But our local store couldn't always keep it in stock. So I went online and found Nutra Complete! She liked it immediately and would eat her portions for the day! I know what this food contains and rest easy knowing she is getting a balanced diet. [...]

Kristen, on 08-31-2021
My Puppy Loves Nutra Complete!

I adopted a GSD puppy a month ago and she is very picky eater. She was fed a mix of dry food and raw meat at the breeder. As a result, she wouldn't eat any dry food without the raw meat. She was, also, experiencing diarrhea and occasional vomiting of her dry food (which is what she had been eating at the breeder's) when I got her. Our veterinarian recommended a popular dry dog food, which we tried. My puppy would eat it, but soon after started scratching a lot and had dry skin (not sure if the grains were causing the skin reaction or if it was the change in climate). Concerned that her skin issues were due to her dry food, I started to look into other dog foods and considered switching to a raw food diet for her. I decided to try Nutra Complete after watching a commercial on the internet. I was impressed with the ingredient list and that it was raw, but freeze-dried. I started out giving the food as training treats (she loved it!) and then gradually mixed small amounts in with her other dog food. Well, my puppy started picking out the Nutra Complete pieces and eating them first, so I know she prefers it to her other food. She has a sensitive stomach, but has had no issues with this food. I quickly went to the website and ordered 3 more bags of food, bison snacks, and a few items for my cats. I've been telling all my friends about this company and couldn't be happier that my puppy is eating food she loves. Plus, her scratching and dry skin seem to have improved. Once she has been eating the food for a few months, I will write another review. So far, I'm very happy and recommend Nutra Complete!

Arlene, on 05-05-2021
Nutra Complete

My Havatzu has gained a little weight so we needed to put her on a low weight diet. I added a little Nutra complete on the top of her food and its gone in two seconds. Love how her bowl movements are very regular also. Im so happy I found this brand of food!

Karen, on 05-03-2021
OMG!! (Says Luna)

So, I'll start off with Luna's review. I've never eaten anything so good in my life! I can hardly wait for momma too add it to my bowl. I'm not sure why they insist on still feeding me that takes canned food, butt was long as I get the good stuff mixed in, I'm one happy girl!!! Now, my review; Luna is not that old, less than 5 years, but she had already begun to act like a senior dog. She wouldn't play much at all anymore and she even didn't want to run laps around our court with my daughter! They had started running laps at the beginning of Covid, but as winter set in, they weren't running as much. Now that I've been feeding her the Nutra Complete, she is like a new dog. We have kittens we are fostering and she can't wait to play with them. She loves being outside and running around again. She even wants to go on rides everywhere (although I'm thinking she is probably hoping I will take her to the dog park). I could hardly wait for her second bag to arrive... I'm ready to switch her over to just the Nutra Complete as her only food source. Great products.

Roach, on 05-02-2021

I finally found a dog food that Roach, a 70 pound pit bull, will eat and beg for more. For his allergies, I feed him skin sensitive salmon dry dog food. He refused to eat this until I got nutra complete. Since its so expensive, I feed this to him as a topper. Now he gobbles up salmon dog food like it was'nt there. So I will definitely budget to see that this will be a regular part of his diet.. Its been a month now, and he shows so much more energy and his skin looks better. Still licks his paws constantly until they sometimes bleed, but hopefully this will clear up soon.

Wrigley, on 05-02-2021

My dog is extremely PICKY!!! She hates almost every dog food and dog treat!! She has one dehydrated chicken treat that she does like, so I thought I would take a chance. I was shocked when she ate some on the very first day!!! She was previously eating high-end can dog food but Nutro Complete has gone from a topper to her new main dog food!! It also comes in nice bite-size pieces that would work for both small & larger dogs. So whether your dog is picky or not, this dog food is well worth trying! My dog has not missed 1 meal since starting Nutro Complete over 3 weeks ago. She was previously skipping 1-2 meals a week or more! It also contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your fur babies very happy & healthy!!

Katie, on 04-26-2021
Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Nutra Complete

Lady is 13.5 years young. She is a yellow lab/ golden retriever mix. We use the Nutra Complete as a topper on her dry food - about half of each. She is about 65 pounds. She is more playful since she started her new food. She loves it. She has always had a sensitive stomach and does great with her new food. We want her quality of life to be the best.

Barbara, on 04-16-2021
Nutra Complete

My dog likes Nutra Complete. I put some in her regular food and a bit of water. She gobbles it down. Befoe she started, she had red paws, which she licked frequently and troubles with her bowel movements. After a month, her paws are clear and she goes much easier now!

Susan, on 04-13-2021

joey absolutely loves nutra complete! i've been mixing it with his old food and it's not working. lol! he picks out the nutra complete and won't eat the old food. he seems better over all. he's 14 1/2 years and full of energy like a puppy. just love nutra complete!

Rosalie L., on 04-13-2021
Nutra complete is the Best

Dutch loves Nutra complete. He lets me know when he is hungry and can't wait to eat. Dutch is doing well on Nutra complete, he doesn't chew his feet like he did before! Happy mom here! Thank you for the BEST complete nutrition I have ever feed Dutch.

Ron S, on 04-08-2021
Pure heaven

My girl absolutely loves nutra complete When she sees me mixing her a boul of nutra complete she goes into a happy dance.. after finishing her boul of nutra complete and licking the boul clean a dozen times she's completely satisfied and happy..

Sandy Mastromonaco, on 03-05-2021
As Good As It Gets

Already a committed NUTRA Thrive user, I was pretty sure my Borzoi Dachka and I would like NUTRA Complete. it takes patience waiting for delivery to Canada, but it's worth it. I use NUTRA Complete as a topper to my dog's regular kibble & NUTRA Thrive. He eats with great gusto, so I also use the dehydrated beef as treats for training and recall in dog parks. It is a superior product for sure. Bravo Doc!

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